Assalamualaikum. Hello there! See my blog? Hihi. Thanks to adik Zyraaa! Well, obviously, I had deleted all my post before. Why? Because I want to start with a new happening post. Oh yes, as a prove that I already can leave my past behind. Especially everything regarding my ex. I had totally vanish all the feelings towards my ex. Alhamdulillah. It took me quite a long time and finally, I managed to do it. So, baby, you better be happy! Only you on my heart and my mind now. ^^ I love you! Ahaks! :P Now, lemme share with chu something. I had finally found my Silent Hill nurse cosplay! Oyeah! It cost me only RM70 but without the heels. So, I need to buy the heels. Okay. Can't wait for this year Comic Fiesta!